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Long Term Care

Today, American families are facing new challenges and searching for new solutions. As we plan for the years ahead, many of us are increasingly anxious about our families’ financial security and how it could impact our lives. The recent economic crisis has forced more and more people to turn to family members for financial help, caregiving support or both. Many of us are widening our support network to include relatives, friends and members of our communities as resources that can help our loved ones as they confront long term health concerns. At the same time, many of us worry about who will care for us in later life and how we can avoid being a burden to our families. Some families are taking the initiative, and beginning to communicate more openly about their needs and how they can plan and prepare for health and financial obligations in later life. Sadly, however, many are not.

As we look towards solutions to these issues, important questions arise: What matters most when seeking health and financial independence? What are people’s greatest worries in later life? How can family members communicate effectively about the care and support they may need as they grow older? What are the greatest challenges of caregiving? How will you protect your family from the financial and emotional costs of long term care?

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